Kuala Lumpur from busy crazy Melaka Sentral Bus Station

Our bus journey to KL began in chaos. The taxi to the bus station was ultra cheap even though it was out of town. When we arrived every check in counter was around 10 deep. When we got to the desk we were asked why we didn’t have a paper ticket. Jeff had emailed the company but they said the online booking would be enough.

We followed the throng of people trying to squeeze through to the barrier but realised they all had tickets they could scan. At each stage we were asked, “why no ticket?” Somehow we managed to get through but in the absence of announcements or notice board we had to wing it and hope we were in the right area. We were told to wait but could see a bus with the name of the company we wanted, and as it was departure time we just went through to the bus. The driver was less than interested when we asked if it was our bus. He examined our online confirmation and made a face as if to say ‘maybe.’ Then I saw he had a glass eye! What were we letting ourselves in for? We established it was our bus and got on and crossed our fingers for 2 and a half hours!

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