Malacca, Melacca or Melaka?

I’ve been reading up on it and the state is now officially to be known as Melaka. Apparently there was a public poll and the English spelling of the name Malacca will no longer be used. In any case, Melaka is a strange city. It’s in south east Asia but it feels very western. It’s a very old city with its centre in Jonker (pronounced ‘yonker’ ) Street. It seems to be trying to prettify itself so there’s a mix of old Malaysian charm with modern touches thrown in. Every so often you hear the ‘techno’ music blaring from the ridiculously styled and decorated rickshaws. We’ll definitely be giving them a go! There’s a monorail which only goes around 10km/hour covering a loop of 2.5km. I was surprised to find that it only opened in 2010 but closed for 4 years due to technical difficulties. It resumed operations in 2017. To me it felt like it was around 50 years old! There are some pretty streets dotted with temples and the river runs through the centre of the city. It feels like it’s ‘off season’ but we’ve been told it will be ‘jumping’ tonight and over the weekend with the night markets dotted around the city.

Our guest house
Far from home
The Geographer. We went here twice.
Colourful Temple
Jonker street
Colourful trishaws
Old railway carriage now a shop
Inside the carriage
Setting up the night market
Waiting for the karaoke
Breakfast with a view
Mama and her babies
Colourful buildings

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