Penang to Langkawi Ferry and Kuah Town

The ferry from Langkawi took 3 hours. I read somewhere they called it the ‘vomit comet’ but it wasn’t too bad. They do pack you in like sardines though.

They show movies but it’s almost impossible to see or hear but it serves as a distraction.

We had read reviews of our hotel in Langkawi that people had reported items being stolen from their room but it was too late to cancel so we were pretty apprehensive. It turned out okay and we left with all our belongings intact.

Breakfast was a bit strange with cold mashed potatoes? We tried to arrange a visit to the cable car we had read about but it turned out we were too late to book a tour and it was too far/pricey to do it alone, so we just explored the area and chilled by the pool.

Langkawi is a duty free Island so we treated ourselves and bought some vodka to take to Thailand. This was our last stop in Malaysia and the next day we were heading to Koh Lipe.

Colourful street in Kuah

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