Spending 2 nights in Nyaung Shwe, Inle Lake

Our hotel

Nyaung Shwe is quite small and easy to find your way around. Located in Myanmar’s Shan State, it is the tourist hub for visiting Inle Lake. It has floating markets, pagodas, and even a winery!

Puppetry is very popular in Myanmar. It was once the main form of entertainment for Burmese royals ever since the 5th century. We were excited to watch the Aung 30 minute puppet show with only us and a Japanese woman in the audience! He did 2 shows a night but he told us ‘now not many audience, low season.’ He said he is the 3rd generation of puppeteers. We were provided with green tea and got to chat with Mr Aung and he encouraged us to take photos. It was a very unique and personal experience.

It’s always a bonus to find a good ‘curry house’ when travelling for us and ‘Dosa King’ was recommended to us. It was fab.

Nyaung Shwe was small and very pretty

We stayed at Hotel Amazing Inle Lake. It was lovely but we were not looking forward to the overnight bus through the mountains back to Yangon!

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